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Kinderkey Bed Surround

Product Code: KK6004

Kinderkey Bed Surround
An alternative to standard bed rails, Kinderkey?s unique bed surround has been designed with user safety in mind. Although bed rails are commonly used in care environments to help prevent possible injury as a consequence of falling out of bed, in some instances standard bed rails aren?t the best solution.As the result of working closely with healthcare professionals, our innovative design helps to reduce the risks of entrapment and asphyxiation sometimes associated with bed safety rails. For those with impaired or restricted mobility who are at a greater risk of entrapment, it?s vital that there isn?t a gap between the protective side and the mattress, head and footboards.The Kinderkey bed surround provides a protective headboard and footboard and two long protective foam sides that are steel reinforced. With a waterproof, soft, anti-microbial fabric cover, all four protective sides are attached to leave no gaps. The base sheet that connects to all four sides can be made with zipped gussets, accommodating four-part profiling if required.Each bed surround is tailored to the specific bed and mattress to ensure the perfect fit, while the protective sides can also be bespoke made up to 600mm high. Providing effective protection to both the patient and carer, one or both long sides can be split to allow the person in the bed to be attended to ? while keeping them safe from rolling out of bed. For someone with full mobility who is at risk of falling/climbing out of bed, a cut out side can be a safe option ? the part side will provide protection from falling out of bed but it won?t restrict the person exiting feet first.Kinderkey will be happy to arrange a visit to demonstrate how the bed surround works ? we will take measurements and assess whether it?s suitable for the existing bed. If required, we will also provide a package that includes a height adjustable profiling bed with surround and mattress.

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