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MC PRODUCTS UK Ltd - THE BAG SUPPLIER Promotional Bag Design MC Products has over 20 year’s experience in the field of manufacturing with a proven reputation. Working closely with our clients, our in-house design facilities are constantly developing and improving products. Improved features including the latest materials, which are robust and hard wearing meeting today’s demanding environment. The key to our success is innovation, and to this end the company has recently pioneered various products which surpass the standards of even our UK Police Services whom we have supplied for many years. Uk Manufactured Bags The largest range of designs for promotional bags including sports holdalls, rucksacks, conference, cool-bags and more. Produced in your corporate colours and personalised to your requirements, a small UK flag in a bag can say it all. Bespoke Bag Design & Handmade Bags Looking for something different? Have your own design but can’t find a manufacturer? We can manufacture bags from an asthma inhaler cover to a car cover, for expert advice contact the experts. Imported Bags You have got the time and would like to import your products but don’t know how? As a manufacturer we know how to talk to other manufacturers and we know what problems can occur. Importing bags for clients for over 20 years, we have established factories that we always use because of quality and price. The market place is changing in the Far East and if you don’t ask the right questions the outcome can be a disaster. Try the experts others do. Off The Shelf Bags MC Products UK Ltd has access to a wide range of manufactured bags and like the heading says they’re off the shelf. We stock a range of designs, sizes and colours. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for give us a call.
M C Products Uk Ltd
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