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M. Gaze & Co Ltd have been in operation since 1934, where it began with the Haulage of bulk liquid food products. In 1988 Edmund Gaze, Managing Director, sought new opportunities and branched swiftly into the waste industry; heavy industrial cleaning, high pressure water jetting, waste removal and disposal, bulk storage and treatment. Operating out of a 7.5 acre site at Thurlton, near Norwich, made it possible for M. Gaze & Co Ltd to expand and diversify. By 1993, the company holds a full license for the Waste Treatment Plant, Compost Plant and Waste Treatment Station. This enables the company to treat, recycle and dispose of; fuel and vegetable oils, oil and water mixtures, fats, waxes, greases, tank cleaning sludge, interceptor/pit sludge waste and the like. By 2005 the site had gained its Composting Facility. This nicely interacted with the Reed Bed and small lake, where we recycle waste water. M. Gaze & Co Ltd compost both industrial food stuff, we well as Animal By-Products. The Composting/Shredding facility is a fully enclosed 40,000 square foot building. This enables us to offer secure destruction on all packaged, canned or glass contaminated products. All glass, plastic, metal and paper is 100% recycled.
M. Gaze & Co Ltd

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