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Since M-TEK was originally founded in 1996, we understand that every company success is able to be traced back to having in place traceable, accountable and efficient upstream as well as downstream open communications throughout its internal and external layers substantiated by good business ethics. Subsequently, M-TEK has steadily invested in the right people, equipment as well as systems. We have expertise in small, medium and volume batches of various complexity. We operate to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 14001:2004, IPC-A-610D (Class 3+) as well as WHMA-620 standards. With our complete equipment list, flexible workforce, our dedication to invest in people, talent and technology, we can provide you with a more responsive, competitive, efficient and tailored approach to suit your prototyping and/or production assembly needs and requirements. Meaningful partnerships build the foundation for success. Partnerships are what can allow us to make continuous improvements and enable us stay connected with changes in both our and our customer’s industries.
M-TEK (Assembly) Ltd

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