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Advanced Poland - Shock Absorber Test: For More Safety
Poland recognized long ago the life threatening dangers that defective shock absorbers can pose for drivers of motor vehicles and integrated the shock absorber test into the periodic vehicle inspection program. The necessary technical equipment for this comes from MAHA: the MSD 3000 is a shock absorber tester for cars and vans up to an axle load of 2.5 t. Shock absorbers are essential components of cars. But they do their work unseen – and herein lies the danger. The changes to driving characteristics is a slow process and the driver gets used to these changes. Defective shock absorbers mean that there is no longer any contact between the tires and the pavement of the road. This means that evasive steering movements as corrective actions are no longer directly transferred on to the road. The risk of accidents increases. With the integration of the shock absorber test into the periodic vehicle inspection Poland is contributing significantly to more safety on Poland’s roads– and with this a drastic reduction in accidents. The technical prerequisites for this come from MAHA. S. Kedzia, Technical Director of MAHA Poland has invested incredible amounts of time, dedication and effort to get the appropriate approval from the TDT agency for MSD 3000. With success. Under Approval Number 4 43 085 2011, issued to MAHA Poland, MSD 3000 can now be officially used as a shock absorber tester. In future the MSD 3000 will replace the suspension tester FWT and the shock absorber tester SA 2. The process will be completed in the coming weeks. MAHA, present on the Polish market since 1991 and headquartered in Tarnowitz as MAHA subsidiary MAHA Polska Sp. z o.o. enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. The product Made in Germany, the expertise of the MAHA employees and optimum customer support strengthens the company’s position in Poland and offers ideal conditions for further growth. •fully automatic test procedure •automatic test stand start after bilateral plate load exceeding 60 kg •plate excitement via electromotor to determine shock absorption •floor assembly as self-supporting frame structure •parallelogram guided test plate > no fixed wheel contact point needed MSD 3000 •analog display of measurement values in Teta •display on color screen ➝ measurement values in Teta differential display le/ri graphic display •print out of measurement values with graphic, date, time

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