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Update on business operations at MAHA in times of the Coronavirus pandemic
To Whom it may concern, we hope that you and your families are well! Due to the current situation we have gone through many changes in the last couple of weeks and our everyday life takes place differently than usual. Additionally, there are further changes lying ahead of us. Nevertheless, and precisely for this reason, we will continue to support you within the scope of all our possibilities. What we do in detail: We follow the latest government recommendations to help slow down the spread of the virus. Our crisis management ensures, both under the health as well as the economic aspect, that we can serve our customers without interruption. This includes businesses which are relevant to our system, such as testing organizations, maintenance companies for emergency vehicles, military vehicles and trucks used as goods delivery vehicles. In order to protect you - our customers and stakeholders - as well as our employees, we have refrained from customer visits in the past weeks. As soon as the situation improves, we will again offer you appointments for visits - in compliance with the hygiene regulations. Our service employees from the MAHA Service Center are available to you as usual via hotline. We offer you the all-round technical support that you need. As far as you currently require - we will make it possible. Our technicians continue to install our devices and products on construction sites. Maintenance at inspection centers will be prioritized, which will contribute to a comfortable and maintenance-free process when the inspection centers resume full operation, thus reducing the workload. Additionally, our employees work in individual offices or in their home office, in compliance with the rules of distance and minimizing social contacts and are continuously available for you during normal business hours. Unfortunately, we all currently lack the opportunity to present our products at trade fairs relevant to the industry. However, we assure you that we will always keep you up to date with news from MAHA through other channels. Please feel free to also follow our press releases on the MAHA website at (Home > Press & News > Press Releases > 2020). We remain available for you and will of course continue to process your orders, service and information requests. Stay healthy! Kind regards, Dr Thomas Aubel, Stefan Fuchs, Michael Amann MAHA Management

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