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Efficient Electronics Testing
New PTI Tool from MAHA provides efficient electronics testing as part of periodical technical vehicle inspections or for preparing for the General Inspection The testing of electronics, as part of the periodical technical inspection (PTI), contributes significantly to improving road safety. With the PTI Tool, MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH has developed a system that is specifically tailored to these requirements. It allows for quick and easy testing of safety relevant electronic vehicle systems for motor vehicle workshops and testing organisations. Electronic systems make driving safer, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable. To ensure this throughout the vehicle’s life, the electronics must be tested by means of the periodical technical inspection (PTI). Under European legislation this is mandatory for vehicle monitoring. In Germany, these requirements were included in the 47th Ordinance for the Amendment of Road Traffic Law Regulations, which came into effect on 01.07.2012. Accordingly, all vehicles that are registered from this date onwards must undergo a “real” electronics testing in the General Inspection. In contrast to the electronics testing, based on system data, which was previously standard in Germany, the new testing procedure uses a test device, which among other, tests all parts installed, reads various data from the control units, activates test functions and on the overall, makes the testing process faster. Specific device for a specific purpose Universal diagnostic devices are hardly suitable for the testing of electronics as part of the General Inspection, as they are designed for fault tracing and maintenance work. This is why the Allgäu workshop supplier MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG developed a PTI Tool that is specifically adapted to the statutory requirements for electronics testing in the General Inspection. It covers complete vehicles and models and only tests the parameters which are required by law. With the PTI Tool from MAHA, motor vehicle workshops are able to offer their customers time-saving and perfect preparation for the General Inspection. As the PTI Tool software can be adapted to various statutory requirements and test procedures, it is also perfectly suited for experts in testing organisations, for the performance of prescribed vehicle inspections. Universal tool The PTI Tool from MAHA consists of a handy wireless module, which is connected to the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system (OBD). It enables communication with the vehicle systems of all assemblies classified as safety relevant by the legislator. The PTI Tool can be operated by both 12 and 24 V wiring systems and can thus be used universally across all vehicle classes. Another system component is the intuitively operating MAHA testing software EUROSYSTEM, which can either be installed on the test bench PC or alternatively on a commercial laptop with Windows operating system. The software displays the entire test process. The PTI Tool communicates wirelessly with the test bench PC or the laptop, is powered by the vehicle diagnostics interface and is controlled with the testing software MAHA EUROSYSTEM. Efficient test process Where available, the PTI Tool retrieves the vehicle identification number (VIN), the mileage and in the case of commercial vehicles, the speed limiter setting. This information is automatically included in the test report, which makes data input easier for the inspector and speeds up the whole process. As the PTI Tool from MAHA only reads the information, which is required for the testing of safety relevant electronic vehicle systems, the test process is hardly delayed in the vehicle inspection. In addition the automated test routines mostly run in the background, while the inspector tests the classic checkpoints. Therefore, the PTI Tool meets the requirements of EU legislation in terms of cost efficiency for periodical technical inspections, despite increasing complexity in vehicle technology. With the PTI Tool, MAHA is offering its customers worldwide a flexible solution for a more efficient and legally compliant electronics testing as part of the periodical technical vehicle inspection. This complements the Allgäu workshop supplier's extensive product range and offers the complete range of specialised test equipment required for vehicle inspections from one source.

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