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Load simulation for brake testing
Holding-down devices and lifting roller sets by MAHA increase axle load and enable braking performance testing in accordance with existing regulations for commercial vehicles The existing regulations for brake performance testing within the framework of periodic technical vehicle inspection often require the use of load simulation systems for vehicles with high load/empty ratios. MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG offers solutions for every requirement in this regard. In accordance with the existing Hauptuntersuchung - HU (Main Vehicle Inspection) regulations for brakes in Germany, the efficiency of the brake system must be proved within the framework of the periodic technical vehicle inspection using reference braking forces. The braking force per axle must be continuously increased until the locking limit is almost reached. In the case of vehicles with pneumatic braking systems the pressure applied to reach the locking limit must be a minimum of 1.7 bar. This means that the efficiency inspection for braking systems on vehicles with high load/empty ratios (e.g. heavy goods vehicles, semi-trailers and trailers) may only take place when loaded or in load simulation. However, loading vehicles for the braking performance test is not always possible (e.g. in the case of foodstuff transporters and containers or dangerous goods vehicles). The Allgäu workshop outfitter MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG has therefore developed several solutions for load simulation during braking performance testing in accordance with existing regulations that conform to the requirements of commercial vehicle workshops and test organisations. Holding down via hydraulic cylinder One of MAHA's simplest load simulation solutions is a holding-down device with two hydraulic cylinders anchored firmly to the floor. This device can be retrofitted easily and at a low investment cost. Foundation work is not usually required. In this type of load simulation every axle must be held down separately. Furthermore, MAHA offers a holding-down device with hydraulic cylinders that can be moved on tracks. This solution can also be retrofitted easily and at a reasonable price. It is, for example, advantageous in the case of twin axles, as the fitting time is reduced. This is how, for example, the first axle is driven into the roller set and the holding-down device connected to the vehicle frame in the case of twin and multiple axles. During the braking performance test the person conducting the test can simulate a load via remote control by downward tensioning the vehicle using hydraulic cylinders. To test the other axles, the holding-down device simply needs to be released via the remote control and the next axle positioned in the roller set. The hydraulic cylinders travel with the track system to the pit floor. The braking performance test with load simulation then takes place in the same manner as on the first axle without further alterations. Load simulation via roller set lifting As a further solution MAHA offers load simulation via lifting roller sets specially for twin axles. During the braking performance test the roller set is lifted, thus increasing the axle load by unloading the other axles and placing the entire weight of the structure on the axle to be tested. According to the experience of international testing organisations this solution can achieve the required axle load in 90 percent of cases without further fixing of the vehicle. MAHA has developed a special floor console in order to be able to conduct time-saving load simulations in the case of single axles using roller set lifting. It is dowelled to the pit floor and serves to fix the vehicle in an idle position. If the roller set is lifted during the braking performance test the vehicle body cannot yield and the required load is simulated. An under-floor version of the floor console with a very flat construction avoids trip hazards in the pit. This solution provides workshops and testing organisations with the greatest possible flexibility for load simulation while simultaneously requiring very little time. It is recommended primarily for test lanes with high throughput and different vehicle types. Extensive accessories In addition to the load simulation devices, MAHA offers a large number of fastening options for vehicle frames and axles. These include fastening brackets for vehicle frames, belt systems for frames and axles, chain hangers with overload protection and much more. They enable safe load simulation and thanks to their variability, cover just about every application.

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