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MAHA attaches a great deal of importance to health and safety
Haldenwang, 16 February 2017. Last year, the Occupational Health and Risk Management System “OHRIS” was introduced at MAHA to further improve health and safety within the company. The fact that the company has been successfully certified now provides official confirmation that it deals with the topic of occupational safety in a responsible manner. This is a huge challenge for any company – not least because changes to processes or production methods make it essential to continuously review health and safety precautions and adjustments to the same. Teamwork is a must in this regard, so each and every individual – from the management team, over the production staff, to the cleaners – must be aware of their role and responsibility when it comes to health and safety. The requirements with respect to providing a safe and healthy working environment for MAHA employees are satisfied as best as possible using the company’s OHRIS health and safety system, and protection against risks in the workplace is improved as a result. Work-related accidents and downtimes should be reduced by means of preventative measures, and at the same time job quality should by improved for employees – for example by means of modern ventilation and extraction technologies, just like those used in the company’s new, modern powder-coating plant. After all, it has been proven yet again that quality, health and safety, economic success and site security are not competing objectives. Rather, they very much represent the four-leaf clover for high-quality jobs in our country. “I’m thrilled to award MAHA the OHRIS health and safety certificate. OHRIS stands for effective health and safety in an ever faster and more demanding world of work. Our goal is simple. We want all employees to go home from their work as healthy as they came into it in the morning. Everyone will ultimately benefit from this. MAHA is a global player that shows a great deal of strength when it comes to social responsibility and health and safety,” stressed Johannes Hintersberger, Bavaria’s Secretary of State for Labour, when handing over the certificate.

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