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Neat and Clean  - Innovative Solutions for Emission Testing
The dangers posed by emissions for humans and the environment are enormous. Laws and innovative technologies are tools to get this global problem under control. MAHA has been aware of this issue for a long time now and has successfully positioned modern devices on the market for emission measurement. Workshops have been given the chance to expand their service offerings, operate competitively and at the same time not lose sight of responsible environmental awareness. Exhaust gases are among the most dangerous components of particulate matter, 20 % of the particulate matter is highly toxic. This means that only with the use of highly sensitive measurement methods a drastic reduction of particle emission can be achieved long term. From the time of the official diesel inspection introduction in 1993 up to today there have been massive development leaps in vehicle technology to which the respective testing technology needs to be adapted. The urgent updating and modernization of the emission inspection is essential. As a pioneer of innovative ideas and solutions MAHA has the right answers: the opacimeter of the second generation emerged as the logical development of the classical opacimeter. They are quite capable of keeping pace with high demands of the automobile industry. The MET 6.1 was developed for the Otto motors. The gasoline emission tester of the MET series has received approval by the PTB. (Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt). The approval also includes the assessment in accordance with the European MID- (Measurement Instrument Directive) Guidelines. This means that the emission analyzer model MET 6.1 can be used in all European countries for official emission testing. Prerequisite for this is that country-specific requirements for the software regarding test procedure and documentation are in compliance. CO, CO2, HC, O2, NOx (Lambda) are identified with the MET 6.1. The MET 6.1 has many advantages, which can be explained by its excellent everyday suitability: •light weight, compact design, » stationary use •operation via vehicle onboard power » mobile use •cable-free OBD module » comfortable usage •LAN interface » connection to commercially available PC •optional: cable-free W-LAN interface The MET 6.1 of course meets the highest accuracy class 0 in accordance with OIML. Soot emitted by diesel engines represents a dangerous risk for the health of people. The currently approved measurement technology for official emission testing can no longer sufficiently measure diesel engine emissions. Outdated approval and testing guidelines are to blame. The new emission measurement device generation from MAHA also includes a diesel emission tester, the MET 6.2 and a combitester, the MET 6.3. In the field of diesel emission measurement technology MAHA relies on the accurate and high-tech laser scattered light measurement technology which is greatly suited for advanced diesel vehicles. This measurement technology can identify even the smallest soot particles which diesel engines with direct injection systems tend to emit. Particles which are larger than 70 nm are detected and determined in the emission flow by means of laser beam, which is completely impossible for a conventional opacimeter. So it makes no sense to use this type of opacimeter for the exact testing of emission behavior. The MET 6.3 is capable of measuring turbidity value and particle concentration. Therefore, it is suitable for official emission testing and for testing of particle filters. The technology of the new Opacimeter II differs fundamentally from the technology used in standard opacimeters. The laboratory and test procedures used to date by the PTB cannot be used for the approval of the laser scattered light device. The new measurement technology requires a special test laboratory and the preparation of a new test procedure for the approval of the device. The PTB is currently expanding the test laboratory and refining the approval procedure for the laser scattered light device. This expansion of the laboratory and clarification of technical questions requires more time. As it looks now the approval of the first laser scattered light measurement devices will be at the end of 2012. The emission inspection contributes sig nificantly to environmental protection. That means that with every improvement to the official emission inspection the dangers caused by emitted emission are reduced. The necessary technology exists, MAHA offers the right solution in its product portfolio.

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