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One test station, two tests: MAHA combines brake and emission testing under load in one system
MAHA introduces an innovative conceptual study on nitrogen oxide emission measurement. The practical advantage: it would enable measurement of both nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions under load and vehicle brake efficiency with one and the same test station in the future. Haldenwang, 22 February 2019. Experts have long agreed that exhaust emission testing needs further development and that there is simply no way around measuring nitrogen oxide (NOx). For the first time, leading technology developer MAHA presented a method for testing NOx under load and real road conditions with a conceptual combination test station to an audience of experts on 13 February 2019 at a meeting of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. (Environmental Action Germany) at the Berlin Motor Guild. The company’s experts for exhaust emissions and testing technology, based in the Bavarian Allgäu region, have already developed a prototype on the basis of a comprehensive conceptual study. Since it measures emissions under load, it delivers far more meaningful results than current exhaust tailpipe testing can achieve. The emissions test is carried out under real-life, i.e. road, conditions on a brake tester which generates speeds of up to 20 km/h and acts on the drive axle by means of a counteracting tractive force with a minimum load of 1,000 Newton. “We offer a new test station method that reliably measures the nitrogen oxide emissions of a vehicle”, explains Daniel Mohr, MAHA’s product manager for emission measurement technology. From two to one: Emission and brake testing on one set of rollers MAHA has thought beyond a future NOx emission measurement method under load to other practical solutions: integrating the emission test into a proven brake tester would make it easy for garages to apply the new method without the need for another emissions roller tester. Upgrading existing brake testers, such as the ones normally used for general inspections, would be quite conceivable, because the function for exhaust emission testing under load could be added easily and without great expense. A practical solution, as it would not only save costs for new equipment, but would also save space in the workshop by turning two tests into one! “It goes without saying that none of the current features will be lost by retrofitting any existing MAHA brake testers, i.e. they would continue to be fully compliant with the requirements of all applicable directives”, says Christian Thalheimer, MAHA’s product manager for testing technology.

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