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Prevent tyre damage and increased wear with the right equipment
The tyre changing season offers workshops the opportunity of an interesting on-top business: the tyre trade. With the right equipment from MAHA, it is possible to draw clear conclusions about the reasons of increased tyre wear and to clearly identify the causes. Necessary repair work on this basis offers potential added sales, which should not be ignored! Haldenwang, 9 May 2018. Accurate facts and figures, which clearly prove the wear in black-on-white is the ideal basis for quickly and competently convincing a customer and receiving a repair order. Thanks to exactly documented measurement results, in particular for tyre damage, which is not attributable to the frequent cause of incorrect tyre pressure, the causes due to defects on the vehicle can be reliably drawn. In turn, workshops serve as an argumentation aid in tyre sales and also for other repairs listed below. For this purpose, MAHA offers a comprehensive portfolio for the respective application in the workshop - a considerable potential additional business which workshops should not miss out on, especially in the tyre changing season. There are many reasons for increased tyre wear As one knows, various causes can result in an increased tyre wear. This then leads to various characteristic, uneven damage patterns. An uneven wear of the tyre also shortens the potential mileage of a tyre, and in an ideal case, should be identified and rectified as soon as possible. A common cause for increased tyre wear is an incorrectly set tyre track. Tyres that are not precisely aligned to the direction of travel cause a typical one-sided "erasure wear" that can be avoided by a correct setting. The exact suspension settings, for example, can be tested with the slip-slide tester MINC series from MAHA. When driving into the workshop, information about the suspension setting can be quickly determined by travelling over it. Another reason for one-sided wear on the tyre can be an incorrect fall value, which manifests itself in increased wear on the outer and inner shoulder, in this case. With exact wheel alignment on a special lifting device in the specialist workshop, this misalignment can be clearly identified and corrected. MAHA offers different models which are well-known for their high precision: the four-post lift VS SQUARE II is perfectly suited with its precisely aligned platforms and the sliding plates for tension-free wheel support, as well as the platform level compensator. Likewise, the CARLIFT II four-post lift. Thanks to its wide platform width, this highly stable variant is suitable for all tyre track widths and also has a finely adjustable settling device for wheel alignment. In addition, scissor lifts of the DUO series by MAHA are excellently suited for precise wheel alignment and offer further advantages due to their low requirements on the building-side and their low space requirement. Impact of shock absorbers on the tyre tread The shock absorbers ensure a safe transmission of forces between the tyres and the road. They are also subject to heavy wear. If the shock absorber loses capacity, this may cause the wheel to jump on the road. This is often characterised by tapered leaching in the tyre tread, the so-called "saw tooth formation". The shock absorber tester MSD 3000 from MAHA provides information of whether this is incorrect rolling therefore increased tyre wear. The shock absorbing characteristics can be quickly and accurately determined with it. In addition to the numerical evaluation of the decay constant, the MSD 3000 also offers the option of superimposing the decay curves of the two vibration dampers on an axle and to perform a graphic analysis. This procedure provides an optimal diagnosis for dynamically controlled vibration systems. With the optional noise search function, different frequency ranges can be specifically controlled to check the vehicle axle for abnormalities - an ideal diagnostic tool for vehicle acceptance. Added value for the customer: prevention of further damage Precise measurement results with the help of suitable equipment enables workshops to make recommendations to their customers on how to avoid further damage or premature wear. Because damaged tyres can not only cause annoying breakdowns, but also result in dangerous accidents. Corresponding maintenance and care is therefore essential, in particular taking into account the high safety relevance of tyres which are main wear parts.

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