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The ideal brake tester specially for the main inspection of the car
With the new MBT 2100 VARIO brake tester, MAHA now offers the ideal variant for all automotive workshops who plan to replace their old test bench before the brake tester guideline comes into force. It offers all the basic functions, can be used individually thanks to its variable digital display and in addition it of course meets all statutory requirements – and that a top price-performance ratio! Haldenwang, 14 May 2018. For all vehicle workshops who plan to invest in a new acquisition in view of the upcoming directive, MAHA is offering a great solution at the right time: A special brake tester for cars and light commercial vehicles up to 4,000 kg that is equipped with all basic functionalities and also offers a variable digital display at a fair price. All-rounder with various advantages The MBT 2100 VARIO offers various advantages: The test bench concept was designed for easy connection to a PC. The included test software scales the display to any monitor size, so that both the customer's and the optionally offered computer solution from MAHA can be used. With its comprehensive standard equipment, the MBT 2100 VARIO is ideally suited for the a tough workshop day. It comes standard with a static extension aid. The integrated DC brake locks the test rollers when driving off the test bench, which is particularly gentle on the drive. Together with the durable powder coating of the frame, workshops are perfectly equipped for the future with the MBT 2100 VARIO. Furthermore, the built-in all-wheel drive "Drive Control Pro" prevents damage to the vehicle. This contains two soft-start modules for a gentle roller start. The integrated sensors monitor the start-up of the engines and the resistances in the drive train of the vehicle and, if necessary, switch these into the opposite direction. Of course, the MBT 2100 VARIO immediately guarantees compliance with the guidelines: in terms of state-of-the-art technology, the brake tester fully complies with the specifications that come into effect at the beginning of 2020. For example, it is equipped with the mandatory ASA live stream data interface as well as the sensors for actual slip monitoring. A new acquisition is worthwhile With the new test bench, workshops are on the safe side, compared to retrofitting, the replacement of existing old brake testers is a predictable and more attractive investment for years to come. Thanks to new roller sets, there will be no additional costs for the operator. An absolutely fair price speaks for the "basic test bench variant" from MAHA. Don't lose time In order to have the right equipment before the deadline, workshops should become active early on, as due to the increased demand in Germany, long delivery times on the manufacturer's side can be expected. Therefore, you should not waste unnecessary time and turn to the manufacturer of your trust, because from the 1st January 2020 only test benches are approved that comply with the directive. The entire MAHA partner network gladly supports its customers and provides detailed advice on the acquisition of a new test bench. "I particularly recommend our MBT 2100 VARIO to workshops, as it offers all main functions that are required and which can be used individually thanks to its variable digital display – and all that at a very attractive price", says Markus Weber, Head of Business Development & Marketing at MAHA about the practical all-round test bench, which will soon also be available for commercial vehicle test benches.

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