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About Us

Here at Majestic Aluminium Finishing Ltd we offer a widespread range of metal finishing processes. We have an enviable reputation for attention to detail, quality, as well as rapid turnaround (24 hours – subject to quantity). This unique set of qualities can guarantee a long standing partnership with all of our clients across the UK since 1970. We have gained a reputation for exceptional levels of quality, consistency and rapid turnaround through continuously searching for new technologies, equipment and processes to meet customer’s changing requirements. Empowered with fantastic management system, we have developed our core competence within all types of metal finishing jobs. We have developed a competitive edge in the market on the grounds of producing consistent results as well as maintaining high quality standards. We aim to meet the need of our diverse customer base by continually expanding on our expertise. Progressive environmental protection, superb employees, and continually meeting rigid and demanding customer specification are just some of the reasons that have built our reputation for leadership which is expanding daily in our industry.
Majestic Aluminium Finishing Ltd

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