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We are a small family business selling quality products for use in Domestic, Commercial & Industrial environments. Pressure Washers ~ Water Jetting ~ Jet Washers Pressure Washing Equipment We offer many products & equipment in a simple & cost effective online catalogue at your fingertips. With many years of experience and expertise you have the assurance that we are fully committed to providing you with the highest quality products. Quality choices of Pressure Washing & Cleaning Equipment, Electric & Engine driven pressure washers / jet washers with either petrol or diesel engines. Spares parts & high pressure fittings for pressure washers & steam cleaners, hoses plus much much more. Pressure washers for home use or for the toughest jobs, if it gets really tough then only OERTZEN will do as there jetters go up to 1000 Bar (that’s over 14500 psi) MALCOLM SMITH POWER CLEANING has launched a new range of OERTZEN Pressure Washers. The Pressure Washers powered by petrol engines & diesel options are available including a heavyduty model with an output of 1000 bar. When buying a High Pressure Pumping Kit the first machine you buy is the cheapest if you get the right machine. - Buy a machine because its cheep and you can end up buying twice to get what you really want. Look around my sites and then please give me a call or visit before you spend your money. I have built up many “kits” for people over the years to suit they needs. It might be an electric pump or engine driven one with a hot-box (for hot water) can be supplied with Quick Release fittings on hoses and lances with easy to change nozzles, it’s up to you. – The system is built around you and your needs. We can supply pressure washers for domestic and commercial use, either electric or engine driven. We are suppliers of the Dual Pump range of pressure washers as well as the Kranzle range and now the ORETZEN. The range includes high pressure water jet systems from 100 - 1000 BAR - Separate heating modules are available as well as combined units For Heavy Duty Pressure Water Jetters look no further than the oERTZEN range. Ideal for; Commercial / Industrial use. (pressure washer,pressure washers,pressure washing,pressure,washer,washers,washings,hot pressure washers,cold water,hot water,oertzen pressure washers,kranzle pressure washering equipment,sigma pressure washer,rapier range of pressure washers,cobra petrol pressure wwashers,electric jet washers,hot box,hotbox,hotboxs,petrol pressure washers,diesel pressure washing machines,3 phase & single phase electric water jetters,)
Malcolm Smith - Power Cleaning
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