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We are a UK based award-winning media production company that specialises in Sports, documentary, corporate promotional films and live music events. We operate an all-digital policy to ensure the quality and flexibility of our products. We produce DVDs ,web media (WMV, Quicktime H.264 and 2.5/3G mobile phone media from digital content (HDCAM, HDV, DVCPRoHD, DVCPR050, DVCAM & miniDV). We can directly convert or arrange format conversion from Hi8, VHS, SVHS, Beta and film sources. We also hire out some of our HD production equipment including lenses, cameras, jib, dollies, HD monitors, and Redrock M2 35mm HD filming kits. We tend to focus on promotional films for businesses and tourism plus extreme sports and live music events. We produce interactive multi-media for DVD and web, documentary films and drama productions. We provide a full DVD production service, from DVD authoring to DLT tape for mastering, DVD disc and packaging artwork design and can provide very competitive pricing for large scale DVD replication (1000+ pressed DVDs) or short-run DVD-R duplication using a very high quality disc printing process in-house. We also produce Blu-ray discs, Dual-layer DVDs and HD-DVDs for replication or playback at exhibitions and conferences. Check our services or faq's for more information. We have digital sound mixing facilities and can create custom music soundtracks for your media or use sources from our production music library or from unsigned bands who want the exposure. We are also licensed to create Dolby Digital ™ Audio tracks and use Dolby ™ trailers and logos for our DVD productions.
Maniac Films Ltd.

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