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Ok, you own or run an SME, and deep down you know you really should have professional health & safety advice but you ask ... "do I need a full time Health & Safety Manager?” The answer is, “probably not”. Now is a great time to sub contract – to hire a Health & Safety Consultant for your advice. No more having to pay out for expensive company cars, office space, support staff, pensions, holidays etc etc etc. Based in Sussex, South-East England, but with clients across the country Manor House Health & Safety can act as your ‘in house’ manager, doing the work you either don’t have time or the specialist knowledge for. For a fixed fee for a specific service or rolling contract… Consider these famous last words - “…I know what I’m doing, I’ve done this for years, and I’ve always done it this way…” But in the time it can take to click away from this page you can have a LIFE CHANGING event at work. Every day you are told “you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you can’t do the other etc etc etc.” Not us. We aim to take a sensible and realistic approach to Health & Safety. Our people have years of actual experience in construction, general industry and the care sectors, so we don’t talk down to you, we know you need to work - we are here to help, we advise you how best to work safely, and within the Regulations. Whatever your industry, we have trained experienced staff to carry out Risk Assessments, to provide training and advice. We are also qualified to act as CDM Coordinators. Health & Safety will only cost me money – right? WRONG. NO Health & Safety WILL
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