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Advertising CNC Router Suppliers
As you would expect, the Advertising CNC engraving machines are used primarily in the Advertising Industry and can be classified into low-power CNC routers and high-power CNC routers. The low-power range of advertising CNC engravers relate to a machine whose machine motor has a lower power ranging from 80W to 200W.This kind of advertising CNC router is only suitable for delicate and fine engravings on name plates, moulds, small pieces of artworks, etc. Alternatively, the high-power advertising CNC router is usually equipped with a motor having a power higher than 700W and can not only perform delicate and fine engravings, but also engravings on harder materials. It is able to produce advertising signboards, carving on imitation stones and crystals, among others and as a result of its high power, this engraving machine is also suitable for cutting organic glass with a thickness of 30mm. Our use of double-aging treatment for the machine body and brand-name motor driver guarantees our product quality and reliability. The operation interface adopts international standard G code instruction which is compatible with both national and international engraving software, thus enabling users to operate our CNC advertising engraving machines more conveniently and easily

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