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Manutech Europe Ltd are leading providers of current measurement and energy monitoring products. Offering top of the range current transformers and transducers capable of measuring current ratings of up to 20,000 amps from microamperes and Rogowski coil flexible-core Rope CT’s with multiple amperage rating c varied in lengths of 12 to 48 inches – Manutech Europe Ltd are sure to offer products that guarantee to meet your requirements at competitive prices. Their product portfolio increased with the group companies products allowing them to have a wide range of electronic passive components and electronic modules including Inductors & Coils, Transformers, Filtered DSub Connectors, Feedtrough Capacitors & Pi Filters, Current/Voltage sensors, Split CT’s, RopeCTs, DC/DC & AC/DC convertors and Power Supplies. Manutech Europe Ltd provide products and services for all audiences within energy monitoring, computers, aerospace, medical and more.

Manutech Europe Ltd
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