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Christ Church Landscape proposals
Working in a historical context where the architecture of the past is still very much present under the surface of a site, landscape architects are often faced with the question of whether they should restore the existing or rather bring the conceptual to realisation. Through the passage of time the cathedral has undergone previous restorations in 1358, 1562, 1829 and 1871. The Cathedral as it exists today is mainly Victorian due to the extensive restorations and renovations carried out by the English architect George Edmund The landscape proposal set out to redefine the spatial identity of its recently neglected landscape and to enhance the uniqueness of the Christ Church building that exerts an iconic presence on the urban fabric. In the selection of materials for the Christ Church Landscape proposals, careful thought regarding features and materials underscores the site’s character, and well-adapted, functional facilities enhance the visitor experience. The design purposely combines the existing prestigious elements, through the use of complementary colours and materials, displaying its contemporary nature, while at the same time, respecting the historic characteristics of the location. This same approach was taken when considering important site features such as the new benches which overlook and surround the cloister garth and labyrinth feature, the design of which aims to reflect the proportions of the traditional type commonly found in external areas of ecclesiastical settings. As regards the location of the proposed benches, this was also carefully considered, placing them within planting beds allowing the low level planting to creep beneath the seating whilst the adapted cantilevered design allows it to float over the cloister garth space. The role of Omos in this process was to take on board the client’s concept and develop a final solution that through careful design and engineering functions excellently as seating while seamlessly adhering to the aesthetic of the original idea.

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