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New s16.2 litter bin unveiled!
The s16.2 is the latest in a line of litter bins from Omos offering unrivaled design, quality and functionality. Following on from the original s16, the s16.2 employs new manufacturing processes and technology to create an elegant and sleek new aesthetic. Beneath this stylish exterior lies all the strength, durability and functionality synonymous with it’s predecessor as well as a number of enhancements. It is said that style is nothing without substance. And while the aesthetics were core to the design of this litterbin, to a great extent design has been guided by function. The curved panels produce a ‘wide’ elevation in one direction and a ‘narrow’ elevation in the adjacent direction. This allows the bin to be orientated to suit either wide or narrow streets without a compromise to capacity. The sculpted opening and cover top are in perfect harmony with the form of the bin and provide a welcoming opening to invite its use. Colour and graphic, the choice is yours.

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