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s16.2 Success!

s16.2 Success!
s16.2 Success! Winston Churchill once said that success is going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm. There has been much thinking down through the ages around the whole notion of failure and how to use the experience positively. We won't go into the hours of research & development, design, testing, modifying and retesting that went into creating our award winning s16.2 litter bin. In addition, the smiling picture beside will tell you nothing about these trials either. The picture merely celebrates Omos Chief Designer, Richard Lyons' ultimate success! 'The secret of success - double your failure rate.' Thomas J. Watson Success Chief Omos Designer, Richard Lyons has met with success with the design of the Omos s16.2 litter bin at the Intellectual Property Awards 2014 winning Designer of the Year! 'In designing this product, Omos set out to maximise the co-operation between form and function, and made careful comparisons of the pros and cons of other bins, including cost and durability. Judges commented favourably on Omos’ imaginative use of design to improve everyday objects.' Judges comment on the s16.2 design, October 2014

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