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Wiring Door Entry Systems
Using and wiring door entry systems needs to be kept simple, if you are installing a door entry system with typically 1 door and 1 handset, you should consider buying a kit which will have everything apart from a lock in the box Door entry systems need a power supply, some connect directly to the monitor which then powers the call point, others have a power supply which sits between the monitor and the call point. All door entry systems have a switch (voltage free contacts C, N/O, N/C) which are designed to operate the power to an electric lock or to trigger an electric gate, if you are using an electric lock, you will need a power supply for the lock separate to the door entry system. If you choose a door entry system with a numeric keypad (to allow authorised access by PIN number) the keypad will usually be a separate electronic device even if it is in a single faceplate, typically the keypad will be powered by the same power supply as the lock, most units are simple and have 2 connections for power, 3 connections for a switch to operate the lock/gate and 2 connections for a push to exit button (N/O) to allow people to exit through the door/gate, the door entry switched output and be connected to the connections for the push to exit switch to reduce cabling complexity inside the call point. Notes: All locks are either fail safe (unlocked when no power is connected) or fail secure (locked when no power is connected) If you install maglocks (fail safe) you will need a timer function to allow people to enter/exit through the door, timer PCBs are available and all keypads have this built in If using a maglock, you must ensure you do not use a power supply with -VE rail connected to electrical earth, most intruder alarm power supplies are not suitable for this reason To meet fire authority regulations, a green double pole break glass must be installed by the door to cut both legs of the cable powering the lock in an emergency

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