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OnSite, part of South Staffordshire Plc, is a long established company, respected throughout the waste water industry, with vast experience in surveying, managing and maintaining the industry's assets. Through a single point of contact, OnSite can provide engineering-based services dealing with all aspects of the waste water cycle. OnSite was created in 1998 by combining the expertise of several well-regarded specialist service companies within the wastewater industry: Insight Surveys Ltd, based in Worcester, was formed in 1977. Insight became part of the South Staffordshire Group Plc in December 1997, and was rebranded as OnSite in October 1999. The company pioneered both CCTV and flow measurement surveys of sewerage systems, and has more recently moved into sewer network operation and maintenance. Premier Pipe International Ltd, based at Wantage, Oxfordshire, was formed in 1996 and joined OnSite in 1999. The company manufactures and installs the unique "Premier Pipe" cured in place pipelining remedial product, including the latest connection and lateral lining techniques. OnSite India was created in 2007 to provide the full range of international expertise offered by OnSite to the Indian water and waste water industry through a local office. OnSite remains dedicated to its original philosophy and continues to develop innovative and dynamic methods in order to provide accurate and cost effective solutions to a wide variety of public and private sector clients worldwide.
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