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Extreme Performance for Extreme Environments
Optimas Components can now supply the full portfolio of Anamet’s Anaconda Sealtite Conduit. This product line delivers extreme performance in applications in extreme environments. Designed with a smooth jacket surface for ease of cleaning and to avoid bacteria growth FOOD GRADE CONDUIT is FDA CFR 21, NSF 51 and ANSI 169 certified. This product is widely used in food preparation / sorting equipment, packing equipment, clean rooms, laboratories, plus medical devices and chemical / pharmaceutical applications. OR (OIL RESISTANT) GRADE CONDUIT is specially constructed to provide a high level of resistance to oil and grease, and maintain its flexibility, whereas other non-resistant conduits often suffer from their jackets stiffening and rupturing over time. Typically used in machine building, diesel engine, generator sets, metal, paper and chemical applications, where exposure to high temperatures can also be an issue, OR GRADE CONDUIT operates in a temperature range of -15C to 100C, with intermittent use up to 120C. Its jacket is also a sunlight and UV resistant PVC compound suitable for outdoor applications. In applications such as transformers, steel works, off shore and machine building, where exposure to extremely high or low temperatures is a constant, HCX CONDUIT comes into its own. Armed with a Sunlight and UV resistant TPE jacket that can withstand temperatures from -55C up to 145C long term and 160C intermittently, HCX CONDUIT maintains its integrity to provide excellent mechanical protection of cables. Inferior conduit will become brittle or rupture. View the full range of Anamet conduit on the website:

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