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Have You Ever Considered Security Fasteners?
Have You Ever Considered Security Fasteners? Security Fasteners from Optimas - Protect Against; Vandalism, Tampering and Theft In the modern world there is an ever increasing need to review the safety and security of the environments where we live, work and enjoy. This extends to the infrastructure and products used in these areas, both personal equipment and public facilities. Fasteners and fixings are often not the first thought of designers and engineers when they are creating the next generation of products, public hubs or play equipment but the use of specialist security fasteners such as the range now on offer from Optimas Components should be. These fasteners could protect those products and people from damage or injury as a result of vandalism, theft or tampering where standard conventional drive fasteners have been removed. Optimas have partnered with Hafren Security Fasteners to ensure the supply and quality of the screws, bolts and nuts on offer are easily available and of a proven quality with 25 years experience and accreditation to the latest ISO standards. Why They Work The range from Optimas contains special headed screws, nuts and bolts which are either permanently fixed, or removable only by using a matching driver tool. This prevents the fasteners being removed using standard conventional tooling, such as slotted, Torx® or cross head drive screw drivers, typically available to the wider public. The specialist tool drives are also available from Optimas upon request.

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