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New Ranges of Flexible PVC Caps
We are pleased to announce the launch of a wide range of flexible PVC, EPDM & Silicone caps, ideal for shipping protection, paint masking, masking for powder coating or plating processes, anodising and general protection applications. These plastic caps are ideal when a snug fit is required to a thread or bar which isn't exactly round because the flexible nature of the material allows the cap to conform. In our standard range you will find a comprehensive spread of shapes and sizes. However, due to the simple nature of the dip moulding process, we can offer custom PVC caps in small production batches and low up-front tooling investment. The flexible PVC material used is suitable for a temperature range of -30°C to +60°C making it suitable for most general purpose masking and protection applications. Our range of silicone caps are suitable for temperatures up to 316°C making them ideal for masking and protection in high temperature baking and curing processes. The high abrasion resistance of our EPDM caps means these parts can withstand aggressive cleaning processes, like sand blasting. Standard styles available include: Round Caps Long Round Caps Grab Tab Caps Pull Tab Caps Square Caps Rectangular Caps EPDM Round Caps Silicone Round Caps

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