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Oras Medical is a supplier of top quality medical, healthcare and beauty equipment to hospitals, specialist doctors, professional healthcare centres, educational institutions, community clinics, beauty salons, dentists and vets. We supply a wide range of diagnostic ultrasound scanners which include: Anaesthesia and Vascular Access Scanners, Bladder Scanners, Musculoskeletal Scanners, Vein Finders to the UK medical community and can be used in the following areas: Cardiology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, EMS, Medical Education, MSK, OB/GYN, Pain Management, Plastic Surgery, Primary Care, Research, Veterinary, Teaching Etc.. We also supply treatment tables & chairs, salon furniture, fitness & exercise equipment, back care products, dental and veterinary equipment as well as equipment for general health at home use. Our clients include anesthesia departments, MSK, Sports medicine & podiatry departments, nursing units, obstetrics & gynecology departments, point of care Specialists, small animal vets, urology departments, vascular departments, equine vets, opticians, chiropractors, osteopaths, universities, beauty salons, barber shops, dentists, tattoo parlors as well as personal customers who use some of our products at home. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional services while helping to meet their needs. Please feel free to browse our store and if you require any help, do not hesitate to contact us. Keywords: ultrasound scanners, treatment tables, massage tables, treatment chairs, beauty salon furniture, Health and fitness, Health and wellbeing, memory pillows, lumber support, dental equipment, veterinary equipment, Electro Stimulators, exercise and fitness, exercise equipment, fitness equipment, medical examination lamps Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am – 6pm, Saturday: 9am – 4pm, Sunday: Closed Starting year of the business: 2020 Number of Employee: 3 Payment Method: visa, mastercard, paypal, amex Instagram:
Oras Medical

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