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What Is A Workplace Assessment And Why A Business Needs One?
Regardless of the industry and employment, all employees are prone to some level of work-related risks. In order to improve the productivity, effectiveness and health of workers, a business should carry out a workplace assessment. Some of the most common minor injuries include back pains, strain injuries, stress and migraines. A workplace assessment aims to identify, evaluate and report physical, environmental and ergonomic requirements of an employee’s duties. To get an accurate and realistic idea about the health and well-being of the person, a wide range of data about the participants will be collected and analysed. Workplace assessment can be conducted either in just a single section or the entire workplace. In a workplace assessment, the sessions are usually done on-site as well as in an external venue taking up to 30 to 40 minutes to carry out the assessment. Once a competent person completes the assessment, they prepare a health report and provide recommendations to the manager based on the findings. (All of our tests and results are stored securely) So, in short, we can say that the workplace assessment is not a “test” but a strategy that creates a more positive work environment for employees, managers and colleagues. What Are The Benefits of a Workplace Assessment? All the businesses in the U.K. are required to ensure the good health and well-being of employees. The main purpose of a workplace is to create an environment that doesn’t interfere with the health performance of employees. Workplace assessments are all about understanding the individual’s strengths, skills and limitations. When a business has a workplace assessment, it benefits both the employer and employees. If you are an employer, an assessment ensures a healthier, more productive work environment, and for employees, it offers support that is specific to you and your job role. Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Carrying Out A Workplace Assessment – → Healthy, Happy And Safe Workplaces – If you have a new employee or someone gets injured, then a workplace assessment helps in deciding the most suitable task in such cases. With the data collected from the assessment, management can make better decisions and assign tasks to employees accordingly. → Reduced Risk Of Workplace Injuries – When a business opts for a workplace assessment, it will minimise the problems that may harm the workers by identifying the causal factors and implementing adequate prevention measures. → Reducing And Minimising Persistent Issues – If an organisation is facing a persistent problem like complaints from employees and lack of motivation to do the work, a workplace assessment helps discover the root cause. Plus, a detailed workplace assessment even goes a step further and eliminates problems before they become a major concern. → Designing An Effective Workplace – A workplace assessment makes sure that employees’ progressive functional capabilities match the work plan. Making effective work plans reduces conflicts as well as formal complaints. What Happens After We Get Findings of The Workplace Assessment? Depending on the findings of the workplace assessment, an employee gets recommendations about the duties and responsibilities that need to be performed and adjusted. This will support employees and employers to build the best understanding and healthier work culture. What Type Of Work Adjustment May do We Get From A Workplace Assessment? Most of the work adjustments are affordable, simple and beneficial for all. They are inclusive of – → Arranging equipment or software like ergonomic furniture and computers for dyspraxia or software designed to help with reading and writing for people with dyslexia. → Environmental adjustments for people with autism or ADHD – like moving to a quieter or less cluttered work environment. → Adjustments like flexible or remote working environments for better time and work management. What Are The Things Required For A Workplace Assessment? Employers should provide a copy of the employee’s job description and any other available information for a workplace assessment. In case if an employee has a copy of a diagnostic report, that would be helpful for a workplace assessment. Moreover, employees and employers should receive a copy of the questionnaire before the two weeks of the workplace assessment. Is There Any Difference Between A Workplace Assessment And Coaching And Mentoring In The Workplace? A workplace assessment is a way of determining the ways of working along with the suggestions of software and equipment to make work more efficient. Whereas coaching or mentoring takes a longer period while providing more detailed strategies of their work which in return benefits in developing self-confidence, interpersonal and organisational skills. Why Orbis Environmental And Safety Is The Best Choice For You? Orbis Environmental and Safety provides occupational noise monitoring and many other health and safety services like DSEAR Assessment, Fire Risk Assessment, HAVS Assessment, Noise Risk Assessment, Ergonomics and manual handling, Workplace exposure monitoring, Legionella, Face Fit Testing, Approved contractors and Breathing Air Testing. We have delivered over 100+ test assessments for many of our clients with the best practice and are competent to deliver consistently high dependable, unbiased and accurate results. Moreover, you can be assured that our services meet the appropriate standards for all the assessments with internationally recognised UKAS symbols. Fill in the contact form or mail us at, and our team will get in touch with you soon!

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