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We are Organic By Design, holistic damp and traditional lime plaster specialists. Ryan Barnes, (founder) and the team share a collective passion for their trade, and ensure that your needs are dealt with, both swiftly and effectively. 1.2 million homes (5% of total homes) in the UK were affected by damp related problems in the last two years, and if not treated, damp can produce mould allergens, irritants and sometimes, toxic substances. Here at Organic By Design all of our methods, materials and even tools are eco-friendly and organic. We are passionate about sustainable and environmentally conscious construction. We understand that structural damage and damp can cause significant stress to any homeowner, but with our experienced team, we guarantee your needs are dealt with quickly and with the minimum of disruption. We have assisted many property owners, both private and commercial and are recommended highly by our loyal client base.
Organic By Design

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