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NEW Stepper Motor Drivers
The new Titanio family of vectoral stepper drives feature revolutionary ‘ELSE – Error Less Servo Efficient’ technology. By applying a precise sinusoidal waveform to the phase currents, these drives allow “stepless” control of stepper motors with reduced heating and extremely smooth, silent movements. ELSE technology offers: - Dramatic noise reduction compared to traditional stepper drives - Extremely smooth motor axis movement, without jerking - Significant damping of motor vibrations and resonances - Increase in positioning accuracy - Better and more constant torque delivery at all rotation speeds - Less heating and greater efficiency of the drive system STEP and DIRECTION – LW3 Titanio LW3 digital drives are available for 2- & 3–phase hybrid stepper motors where there is already a controller for the generation of clock & direction signals. - ELSE technology for smooth, silent movement - Open- and Closed-loop models available - Completely digital using Arm Core M4 technology - Exceptional reliability combined with mechanical compactness and a competitive price FIELDBUS – SW3 SW3 is a new line of fieldbus vector stepper drives belonging to the Titanio family. - ELSE technology for smooth, silent movement - EtherCAT, Profinet, CANopen, Modbus - Integrated DS402 functionalities - Integrated oscilloscope - Auto tuning of motor control parameters - Storable PDO mapping inside drive PROGRAMMABLE – SW4/5 Titanio SW4 & SW5 are programmable fieldbus stepper drives featuring ELSE technology. They can be used in ‘stand-alone’ mode or with a fieldbus master controller to control single or multi-axis systems. - Multiple control modes - Equipped with advanced safety functionalities - Vectorial control: ELSE technology keeps the motor torque constant allowing smooth and noiseless movements - Easily programmable with e3PLC Programming Environment - Open- or Closed loop - Electronic gearing

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