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Global Shading Day: Celebrating the Benefits of Blinds, Shutters, and Awnings!

Join us in celebrating Global Shading Day, 21st March 2024, at Plantation Shutters we highlight the remarkable impact of shading products in fostering sustainable, energy-efficient living environments.

Organised by the European Solar Shading Organisation and coinciding with the Spring Equinox, this annual event highlights how blinds, shutters, and awnings enhance indoor spaces.

Did you know that approximately 18% of heat loss in homes occurs through windows? Shutters and blinds serve as effective solutions for retaining heat indoors, keeping you cosy while conserving energy and adding a touch of elegance to your living spaces.

Research conducted by the British Blind and Shutter Association reveals that shutters and blinds can reduce heat loss through windows by up to 33%. Custom-made shutters create an additional barrier, preventing heat from escaping and reducing the need for excessive heating, boosting energy conservation and cost savings.

As homes in the UK become more insulated to conserve warmth in winter, overheating in summer has emerged as an unintended consequence. Blinds, shutters, and awnings play a vital role in mitigating this issue, providing a cool refuge from the sun’s rays and enhancing indoor comfort.

We understand the importance of creating comfortable indoor environments, especially as we spend the majority of our time indoors. Whether you’re working from home or unwinding in front of the TV, excessive light and glare can lead to eye strain and headaches. Blinds, shutters, and awnings offer a solution by controlling light levels, with automated shading making it even easier, especially in hard-to-reach areas.


Shading is not only effective in insulating homes from the cold but also in maximising the benefits of solar heat during the day. By opening blinds and shutters during the day to harness sunlight and closing them at night for insulation, you can optimise energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

Since 1982, Plantation Shutters has been synonymous with excellence in crafting high-quality shutters. We’ve witnessed the evolution of shuttersblinds, and awnings, recognising their pivotal role in promoting comfort, wellbeing, and energy efficiency.

As you consider new window treatments, remember to prioritise the energy-saving properties of the products. Celebrate Global Shading Day with us and discover how blinds, shutters, and awnings can transform your living spaces while promoting sustainability and energy efficiency.

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