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2022 range of Wall Mounted Monobloc Air Conditioner (No outside unit)
There have been various attempts over the years to provide the market with an installed monoblock wall mounted air conditioner range which not only looks good but also performs quietly, effectively and efficiently. Over the last few years a number of brands have appeared with promise but then fade from the market. During this period the Unico wall mounted air conditioners have always been there and they have steadily improved over the years. For 2022, a wide range is available to suit most domestic or small commercial situations. The need for wall mounted air conditioner ranges came into sharp focus as the old style 'window' air conditioners which were the standard easy install cooling fix for small applications fell foul of European efficiency regulations. It was never an ideal replacement as the wall mounted air conditioners were usually more expensive and less powerful than the window air conditioners. But as the old style machines faded from the market the Unico wall mounted air conditioner range got better and became more cost-effective. There are now 9 different models in the UK range with outputs from 1.8kw (6143 BTU) to (10580 BTU). Some have inverters which provide for greater efficiency and variety of running speeds - Unico inverters - and some have heat pumps to provide cost-effective heating in cooler months - this means that where space is limited they can replace a standard size radiator using exactly the the same wall-space. What they all share is A rated energy efficiency rating and great aesthetic design. Installation is easy because the complete cooling system is contained within the machine, so that the only link to outside is via two holes though the external wall upon which the unit is mounted. The two holes are core drilled according to a marking/drilling template and then lined with ducts which then have small circular louvers fitted to the outside end of the holes. The whole installation can be completed from inside the building thus enabling easy installation even on floor levels above the ground floor without the worry of scaffolding. The great advantage of these type of machines is that because the is no external unit they can usually be installed without planning permission, even on quite sensitive areas. The majority of air conditioners are configured horizontally. The Unico Tower is a useful vertically configured alternative where floor space is limited.

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