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Bourbon Orca supply/ tug vessel

Certified Marine Heaters: Providing Comfortable Heat in a Demanding Environment

Providing a comfortable atmosphere onboard ships and offshore platforms requires a high level of engineering and innovation to address not only size and location constraints, but also the challenging environment onboard and off the vessel. One of the main factors to take into account is how to install a reliable certified marine heater in such a confined or difficult space- whether it be inside a cabin, toilet/ bathroom facilities, or a small room. Secondly, these sort of spaces are commonly associated with a demanding environment that incurs issues of vibration, or the implications of extreme weather conditions outside the vessel or platform.

Ships and offshore platforms usually have a power supply that runs at 60Hz rather than the typical on shore frequency of 50Hz. This is a problem for normal fan heaters because they are designed to run on 50Hz. Although some can operate on 60Hz with the fan spinning a little faster than it would at 50Hz. The main problem however is vibration. Without the firm foundations of a building to soak up vibration, ships and platforms can suffer from low-frequency hum emanating from their main and auxiliary engines and other plant on board. Standard fan heaters are not designed to operate with continuous vibration. Moreover there are engineering standards specifically for these types of applications to be met before heaters can be used for this type of environment.

In 2005, the advanced supply vessel known as the Bourbon Orca won the “Engineering achievement of the year” for 2005. The award signified improvements for offshore engineering in regards of safety, environment, comfort, efficiency, fuel economy and sea performance. Ulstein Elektro AS, one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced vessels chose to secure the sustainablity and comfort of the ship through the installation of Elektra V fan heaters throughout the vessel. According to Ronny Bårslett, the Department Manager at Ulstein Elektro, the Elektra V range provided not only good quality, but provided a cosmetic appeal and practical size for use onboard.

Along with hundreds of other ships, the Elektra range has been fitted to adapt to small fitting rooms. Onboard the Eira cargo ship, three cranes are used for loading and offloading goods. Inside these cranes are workers who are confined to this space for long hours, which demands a high level of comfort and space. The hard wearing certified marine heaters provide a comfortble level of heat in the crane cabins, whilst addressing the conditions of the demanding environment on board a vibrating ship.

Eira cargo ship

 Certified Marine Heaters: Highlight and Overview of the Products Available


 Elektra Fan Heater

- Elektra V is designed to withstand vibrations on ships and offshore platforms and is approved by Det Norske Veritas.

Elektra provides a range of fan heaters designed for use in demanding environments. The different models can be used anywhere from corrosive environments and combustible areas, to rooms with high temperatures such as onboard ships and offshore platforms. Elektra is primarily designed for stationary use, yet can also be used as a portable fan heater due to its brackets which are able to be rotated. The long life span and easy installation makes it to be an economical and low maintanence heater that can withstand a lot that life throws at it.

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A powerhouse in a small frame, the T2RIB range of certified heaters with outputs from 250w to 2000w. All heaters in this range feature surface temperature that remains below the maximum limit stipulated for electric heaters. They are constructed in aluminum and stainless steel, which deem it to be lightweight- perfect for ships and other offshore installations where space and weight limitations can cause a major issue.
These certified marine heaters are IP44 rated for rooms on ships and offshore installations, with a protection against particles (dust and solids), and liquids. Which again, make it perfect where space and weight are important factors when choosing a heating source. The heater features saftey precautions such as a protection grating at the top to prevent it from being covered, and an automatic thermal cut-out to prevent overheating. The small frame and light design allow it to be placed in the most trickiest of spots, but still withstand the vibrations that occur from an offshore vessel or platform.
Heaters within this T2RIB range, have approvals by several respected certification bodies including:
  • Det Norske Veritas DNV (DVNGL)
  • Russian River Register RRR
  • Russian Maritime Register Shipping RMRS
  • Germanischer Lloyd (DVNGL)
  • Bureau Veritas
  • American Bureau of Shipping ABS

These certification companies ensure that the product adheres to the rules and regulations of overarching insurance companies, such as Lloyd's Register's. Furthermore, these companies promote standards and guidelines which are developed and based on the competence and experience of engineers, extensive research and development programs, and in close cooperation with customers worldwide, to ensure that the product reflects a high quality of innovation in engineering and practicality.

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Puravent's Range for Marine and Offshore Applications

In addition to certified marine heaters, there are many other necessary products for the marine market. Here is a highlight of various products that are suitable for the demanding environment associated to spaces found in offshore vessels and platforms.

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Puravent marine range & capability

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