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Jumbo Heaters - A long-established stalwart of the hire trade and in marquee companies gets a make over.


New Range of Jumbo Heaters

Jumbo Heaters, which have been a mainstay of the Puravent heater range for years, have had a bit of a make over. The old range which was composed of the 115, 150 and 200 models has been superseded. The new range has a 5 model line-up and now has Jumbos 85M, 110M, 145M 185M and 235, with nominal rated outputs of 85kw, 110kw, 144kw, 185kw and 235kw respectively.

Here at Puravent we always thought that the range of Jumbo heaters were pretty good, but apparently there was room for improvement. With a larger number of models an a wider range of options, the new range ticks a lot of boxes.


The new Jumbo heaters look good from any angleThe new Jumbo heaters look good from any angle


Jumbo Heaters Protection

The Jumbo indirect diesel fired heaters have been updated with a box frame chassis. New body features lifting eyes and bumper rails to protect the vitals. The box frame chassis allows the body panels to be removed for inspection of the heaters innards and for easy cleaning.

And the body panels are not just tin trays.  They have been stiffened with cross braces to add further rigidity to the heaters and to offer more protection from handling impacts. The burner is now much better protected and enclosed in a box that has an over reaching bumper bar above. Likewise, the inlet fan is protected not only with a grid over the impeller but a bumper round the motor. The controls are securely protected by a steel protective box to prevent tempering and  to guard against damage to the switch gear.


jumbo 85M diesel fired mobile heater inlet sideJumbo heaters have the controls in the protective steel box and the fan motor is protected by a bumper


Jumbos Like Rain

The electrical control gear that lurks in the protective box is IP65 protected. It really does not matter what the weather is doing outside, the Jumbo will keep on sending the warm air inside. And the fan is IP55.  This means that it is 'dust protected' as well as protected against water ingress to the extent that it is protected against  'heavy seas'. From the IP coding descriptions you could easily deduce that the Jumbo heaters are suitable for use in a ship.

Jumbo Heater Puffer

The fans on the range of Jumbo heaters are 7 bladed axial units which have been chosen for their low noise characteristic. The fan on a Jumbo heater will deliver 200Pa . This is enough to push the warm air along flexible ducting to where it is needed, and it will still only generate 67db of noise at 2m. The bumper bar that protects the fan motor is detachable. When it is removed it enables the fitting of an inlet ducting adaptor. With an adaptor, flexible ducting can be fitted to the inlet of the fan. This enables the heater to reheat air that has been returned from the room or building. Compared to just heating fresh air, this facility of re heating the return air ensures that running costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

 Jumbo Heaters Extra Bits

But it is the accessories that make the Jumbo a winner. Each of the 5 models in the range comes with a single outlet duct connector and a tiger loop on the oil supply side. The tiger loop prevents air pockets interrupting the fuel supply. In addition, there are optional bits and bats including a twin duct connector or 'splitter' as they are sometimes known. On the larger models there is even an option to have a 4 duct connector outlet.


jumbo 85M diesel fired mobile heater single outlet adaptorSingle duct outlet


jumbo 85M diesel fired mobile heater two way outlet adaptorTwin duct outlet


jumbo diesel fired mobile heater 4 way outlet adaptor4 duct outlet


jumbo 85M diesel fired mobile heater single inlet adaptorInlet duct adaptor


Operation Of The Jumbo Heater


jumbo 85M diesel fired mobile heater operationThe Jumbo is indirect fired so the combustion gases are exhausted to the flue, whilst the air is warm and clean.


The Jumbo heaters have a similar internal layout to other heaters of their type. It is interesting to note, however, that the new Jumbo heaters are more efficient than the outgoing models. This suggests that the new range has some improvements to the design and construction of the burner and heat exchanger. The new models all return a thermal efficiency of at least 92%.

What's not to like?

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