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New to the market from September 2018 is Broughton's new FireFlo FFHT32 industrial ductable fan heater. This heater is capable of ducting long distances and delivering high volume airflows with a differential temperature of 75°C. Built to withstand the knocks of day-to-day site use, the FFHT32 is ideal for use in factories, spot heating applications, and events.



Spot heating: Introducing the New FireFlo FFHT32 industrial ductable fan heater
The FFHT32 spot heater features not only an on board thermostat but also a remote thermostat. Simply plug in the remote thermostat and that disables the on board thermostat.




  • Heat capacity 18kW
  • 32A 400V 3ph supply
  • 960m3/hr Airflow
  • 75°C Temperature rise though the heater
  • Ductable to 10m
  • Two Heat Settings
  • On board thermostat (0-40°C)
  • Includes remote 'plug in' thermostat (0-40°C)
  • Square to round adaptor


Overview of applications

Spot heating is a bit of a niche area in the industrial heating market but these heaters do find a number of applications. One such use is the pre-heating of raw materials before handling and use in production processes.  In these type of operations the FFHT32 would be ideal for delivering and circulating warm air between and around the containers of the raw materials, eliminating the need for heating belts and the associated wires trailing around the room and less work on handling the drums. A non-invasive method to evenly heat the contents. Another ideal application would be for delivering hot air into process applications such as might be found in production lines and drying tunnels.  Brilliant for delivering hot air for drying or curing various coatings and adhesives or prewarming raw products as they are transported down the line.  The FFHT32 is a well designed, portable, yet durable spot heater that is easily deployed for use in the a wide range of applications.

Old vs. new: FF29 and the FFht32

Spot heating: Introducing the New FireFlo FFHT32 industrial ductable fan heater

Specs Spot heating: Introducing the New FireFlo FFHT32 industrial ductable fan heaterFF29 Spot heating: Introducing the New FireFlo FFHT32 industrial ductable fan heaterFFHT32
Airflow rate 2034m³/hr 960m³/hr
Fan type BC impellor Axial
Heat output 14.5/28.9 kw 12kw/18kw
Max Delta T 55°C 75°C
Max duct length 20m 10m

Both heaters excel in their own right. The FF29 will always stand out, with its high airflow rate and heat output. However, the FFHT32 brings new capability to the field, with an outstanding temperature lift and a new axial fan.

In short, if you are looking for a space heater then the higher heat output and airflow make the FF29 is the better bet, but if you are looking for a spot heater solution then the FFHT32 is a winner.



Suitable for Bed Bugs?... A Qualified maybe.

It should be noted however, that despite the high differential temperature the FFHT32 is not suitable for 'in room' bed bug treatment although it is ideal for ducted hot air supply into rooms being treated. In order to use it for bed bug applications it would need to be used in conjunction with a higher range remote thermostat which is not yet an offering.

If you have any queries on the heater or its use in certain applications, please contact our UK based office on 01729824108
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