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Wall Mounted Fan Heaters

LPHW fan heaters, aka water fed fan heaters connect to a piped heating system in the same way radiators do on a central heating system. Water fed fan heaters are suited to applications with new or existing boilers and they are ideal heaters for connection to biomass boilers. With high outputs these water fed fan heaters are a very cost effective method of discharging large quantities of heat into commercial, horticultural and industrial environments. The range also includes LPHW fan heaters with very low sound levels and sophisticated control platform which enable calander and timer settings as well as integration with BMS. Puravent are experts in this type of heating and supply LPHW fan heaters from the ranges made by leading manufacturers including Frico, VEAB, Kroll and Mark. For more information on our wall mounted fan heaters, click though to our website or call us on 01792 824108

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