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HVLS Destratification Fans
HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Destratification Fans are particularly applicable to buildings with high ceilings and are able to handle very large air volumes due to their large diameter blade rotation. The fans are fitted by hanging from a roof or ceiling. For large floor areas multiple fans are used - see each product for guidance on maximum recommended distance between fans. The Evel product range supplied by Puravent are suitable for applications from relatively small commercial applications such as gyms and restaurants to very large buildings including factories, warehousing and conference centres. The big bonus with HVLS destratification fans is that whilst they operate on a lower speed for destratifying air during the heating season and therefore saving heating running costs, during the summer, the fan speed can be increased to provide a uniform refreshing air movement to lower the perceived temperature in a building. This will ensure staff feel cooler and more comfortable.

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