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Enerpac Hydraulic Limited has appointed Shaw Hydraulics Limited as Enerpac UK distributors for the Supply, Hire and Repair of Enerpac equipment including Cylinders, Pumps and hydraulic Industrial Tools.


Enerpac are the world leader in high pressure hydraulic equipment which includes: Enerpac Cylinders, Enerpac Hand Pumps, Presses, Valves, Jacks, System Components, Pullers, Bolting Torque Tools and Maintenance Tools. Shaw Hydraulics Ltd have been appointed Simplex Mechanical Jacks Distributors.


The range includes: Ratchet Jacks Reel Jacks Rack Jacks Super Jacks Screw Jacks Spreader Jacks Planer Jacks Loadbinder Jacks Push and Pull Jacks Trench Braces and Roof Support Jacks New Enerpac and Simplex Catalogues out now Our dedicated sales team has over 30 years experience selling and repairing Enerpac equipment and can assist with pricing and system specifications to meet all your Enerpac and Simplex requirements.


We can also supply sub-sea equipment, stainless steel cylinders, line monitoring equipment, load measuring shackles and load links. Our team can design and manufacture non-standard specials, if the hydraulic equipment you require is not in the standard Enerpac range. Please contact our design team. Customer Service Our large stock of Enerpac and Simplex products enables us to offer an "off the shelf" service at very competitive prices.

Shaw Hydraulics Ltd
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