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Grid Storage Boxes
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G120 A 100 grid box in the original style with grid selection through a slot in the sliding cover. Has a unique number printed on the face and one end of the box for easy retrieval from storage. Comes complete with with grid storage card. Dimensions; 85 x 58 x 7mm high.G114 BEEM Dial-a-Grid box for 24 grids and 2 embedded specimen blocks. Positions are indexed and have 24 letter-labelled crossed slots, allowing access to the grids one at a time through a hole in the clear rotating protective disc. The box is totally enclosed by a hinged lid making it fully dust proof. Dimensions; 57 x 45 x 12.5mm high.G202 Stackable grid storage boxes designed for the routine handling and long term storage of 50 TEM grids. Ergonomic design incorporates several unique features: • Each box has a unique number on the face and one end so no two boxes can ever be confused.• The clear cover can be rotated smoothly through 360° once the slight initial resistance of the park position has been overcome exposing a maximum of 2 or 3 diamond shaped holes at any one time.• The material has anti-static properties, the clear cover also having self lubricating properties which reduces friction enabling the cover to move freely whilst remaining in close contact with the face of the base.• The boxes are designed to be stacked to save shelf space

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