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Rubber Moulding, Compression Moulding and Injection Moulding Wye Valley Precision Engineering Ltd. is a family-owned and run business based in the U.K. specialising in rubber moulding, compression moulding and injection moulding. They use a wide variety of rubber polymers across a broad spectrum of business activity. Electrical Grade High-Performance Rubber Wye Valley has achieved its reputation to date by manufacturing precision rubber mouldings and rubber components, for the aircraft and electronic connector market, particularly when electrical grade high-performance rubbers are required for the moulding of inserts with high-density contact configurations. Gaskets, Seals, O-rings and EMC Shielding With the ever-increasing demand for “one-stop shops”, Wye Valley have moved with the times yet again and now offer their customers a full range of, conductive gaskets/seals, rubber O rings and even O rings and seals. Also, custom moulding a wide variety of components, where Electromagnetic Compatibility Shielding (EMC Shielding) is required for many years including EMI gaskets.
Wye Valley Precision Engineering Ltd
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