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Hoarding Security For Central London Financial District


When temporary construction works are necessary without compromising the security of premises, Alexandra’s rotating anti-climb system offers an excellent solution. A London-based bank approached a contractor to perform construction tasks on their building while ensuring privacy protection and preventing unauthorized access to the site. As an additional measure to the 2.4m high standard timber hoarding, the contractor was requested to provide an anti-climb deterrent.

The Alexandra rotating anti-climb system proved to be the perfect choice. It can be easily mounted onto the tops of the timber hoarding using twisted brackets, ensuring a neat and straight arrangement of spinners. Recognizing the importance of aesthetics in high-traffic locations like central London, the anti-climb system was powder coated black to match the di-bond façade of the hoarding panels.

For areas that required access to the site, a double-leaf SiteGard temporary hoarding gate was installed and clad with timber covered in di-bond. This seamless integration created a cohesive appearance with the new temporary boundary.

To learn more about Alexandra’s range of anti-climb solutions and temporary gates, you can click here or contact our team of experts to discuss your upcoming project. With years of experience in manufacturing and supplying construction industry solutions, Alexandra can provide valuable advice on the best products to meet your specific requirements, whether they are standard or custom-made.

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