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Protek 656 Twin-Wire Mesh Fencing for a Domestic Sports Area


Alexandra recently worked with one of their approved installers to supply and install a run of mesh fencing for a domestic client who wanted to create an outdoor sports area in their back garden. The client wanted a secure area where they could play ball games without the risk of losing balls over low fences or damaging plants in other areas of the garden.

The approved installer recommended the use of Protek 656 twin-wire mesh fencing, which is known for its strength and durability. The twin-wire construction of the mesh panels provides the necessary strength to prevent balls from damaging or deforming the mesh when struck against it. The fencing was installed at a height of 3 metres to keep the footballs within the assigned area and to protect against repeated hits.

The use of mesh fencing was especially suitable due to the contours of the garden, which made it easy to step down. Each mesh panel was powder-coated to RAL 9005 black, providing a high-quality finish that will also protect the metal from weathering and damage from balls. To provide easy access outside of the sports area, a 3m high matching twin-wire security gate was also installed. The gate features padlockable slidebolt and dropbolt to securely prevent access when not in use.

Working together with an Astro-turf supplier, Alexandra’s approved installer completed the job within the day to the satisfaction of the client. The client now has a secure area to play ball games without worrying about losing balls or damaging other areas of the garden.

Alexandra has many years of experience in manufacturing and supplying sports fencing solutions for both the commercial and domestic sectors. They can advise customers on the best product for their specific requirements, whether standard or custom-made, and can work together with an installer in their area to complete the job.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Alexandra can supply a wide range of fencing and gates suitable for sports, contact their team today.


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