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Why customers are a go, for dining Alfresco

The anticipation for summer is palpable, and we're already feeling the excitement! Although the official start of the season is on June 21st, many of you are already embracing the summer spirit. At Alliance Online, we believe that one of the greatest joys of this season is indulging in outdoor dining. Whether you prefer the comfort of your own garden, the relaxation of your patio, or the vibrant atmosphere of alfresco dining in commercial restaurants, there's something truly magical about enjoying a meal and a drink under the warm sun. In this article, we will detail the alfresco dining concepts to look out for, what is currently trending in alfresco dining, the regulations to follow for a new starter, and the essentials needed for successful outdoor dining operations.


Alfresco Dining Concepts


Outdoor dining has been a staple in the UK dating back to the Medieval times of the Middle Ages when people would gather for feasts before embarking on hunts. This tradition has evolved through various forms such as picnics and street parties, celebrating life and fostering friendships. Here at Alliance Online, we recommend embracing the collective spirit of outdoor events by rearranging outdoor dining seating to encourage togetherness. For instance, a circular seating arrangement can bring patrons together, supplemented with seating surrounding the circular table for smaller groups.


Another alfresco dining concept we recommend for the upcoming summer months revolves around prioritising comfort. Creating a relaxing atmosphere is crucial for outdoor dining venues. Guests may have concerns about alfresco dining, and it's your responsibility to address these worries. By prioritising comfort, customers are more likely to flock to your establishment. Recommendations to ease potential worries include:

  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Column Electric Patio Heater
  • Polycarbonate Glassware
  • Bar & Restaurant Signs


Current Trends in Alfresco Dining


The recommendations and concepts we've suggested stem from our 25 years of experience in the sector, focusing on what's essential for successful operations. Now, let's discuss the current trends in alfresco dining that are sure to be seen nationwide this summer:


Mediterranean Influences


A significant trend in alfresco dining is the incorporation of Mediterranean influences on tableware and aesthetics. As alfresco dining gains popularity in mainland Europe, Mediterranean-inspired crockery, cutlery, and glassware are anticipated to rise. To capitalise on this trend, we recommend incorporating a Mediterranean aesthetic through tableware or lighting. Some recommended ranges to achieve this aesthetic include:

  • Churchill – Kintsugi
  • Dalebrook – Trafalgar
  • GenWare – Terra Roko Sand
  • Elia – Miravell


Art Deco


While opting for a glamorous aesthetic may seem bold, it's all about the style's execution. The Art Deco trend evokes imagery of the Roaring 20s, appealing to those longing for a simpler time. Integrating a glitzy and glamorous style can offer a unique visual in the UK. Recommendations to embrace the Art Deco trend include:

  • Artis – Speakeasy Swing
  • Utopia – LED Cordless Lamps
  • Churchill – Bamboo
  • Bormioli Rocco – America 20s




Before offering alfresco dining, several regulations and licenses must be obtained. If serving alcohol outdoors, obtaining an alcoholic premises license is essential. Additionally, a pavement license permits restaurants to place furniture on the pavement. Penalties and requirements for these licenses may vary depending on your region, so it's crucial to consult with your local government branch.


Requirements for Alfresco Dining


Clear paths for staff are crucial for alfresco dining operations. Outdoor dining areas are often less spacious than indoor ones, leading to potential overcrowding and poor walkways for staff. Creating a floor plan that prioritises staff efficiency and allows them to work optimally is essential.


Additionally, considering the weather is vital. Simply having alfresco seating won't prevent rain from dampening the experience. To provide a comfortable dining environment in all conditions, consider incorporating a sheltered area or awning and investing in infrared heaters to heat up the entire dining area.


At Alliance Online, we understand that alfresco dining may seem like a luxury for many catering establishments. However, with our 25 years of experience in the commercial sector, we recommend incorporating alfresco dining as an excellent addition to your establishment. For more information regarding alfresco dining, please explore our collection just in time for the busy summer months.

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