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Premier event for the Thermal Effluent Decontamiation System Company

Join AstellBio at ChemUK 2023, taking place on May 10th and 11th, to witness the unveiling of the AstellBio Sink & Autoclave Combo, a cutting-edge unit that blends a conventional autoclave with a liquid waste autoclave. This will be AstellBio's first trade show as an independent brand and will coincide with the launch of CHEMLAB, a specialized exhibition devoted to laboratory equipment.


AstellBio has an array of liquid waste autoclaves to offer, including the AstellBio Sink, which addresses the demand for safer and more eco-friendly approaches to liquid waste sterilization for laboratory personnel. Additionally, AstellBio's larger effluent decontamination systems will be of interest to businesses that have previously employed chemical-based techniques to sterilise large volumes of wastewater.


"At AstellBio, our focus is on developing greener, safer strategies for decontaminating and disposing of liquid waste that has been contaminated biologically," remarked Paul Birchmore, Astell & AstellBio's Sales and Marketing Director. "We're thrilled to be showcasing our newest range of small liquid waste autoclaves at ChemUK 2023. Our thermal wastewater treatment technology will now be accessible to research labs, much like our large-scale effluent decontamination systems have benefited other industries."


ChemUK 2023 is the place to go to see AstellBio's state-of-the-art solutions for effluent decontamination and liquid waste sterilization. Take advantage of this opportunity to witness the Sink & Autoclave Combo in operation and learn about AstellBio's pioneering efforts in creating more secure and sustainable sterilization procedures at Booth C74. Register for a free pass at:

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