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Protecting biodiversity in the Persian Gulf
Protecting biodiversity in the Persian Gulf The Environmental Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has been protecting biodiversity and conserving the environment of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 1996. Safeguarding the seas of the emirate is among the tasks entrusted to the agency, with the high quality of the water essential to the region’s aquaculture and fisheries, as well as public health, tourism, and recreation. Assisting in this aim is their new 47.1m oceanographic research vessel. With numerous laboratories on board, including fishing, chemical, biophysical, wet, and dry laboratories, the ship provides a highly capable tool for environmental analysis and protection. Each lab is equipped with the latest hardware and most advanced technology. In accordance with the objectives of the EAD, the ship has been designed with low fuel consumption, pollution emissions, and noise output in mind to provide a green platform for the agency to work from. Biological testing within the ship requires an autoclave that is as green and technologically advanced as the vessel itself. An Astell AMB230 Ecofill autoclave provides low energy, low freshwater consumption sterilization by conserving and re-utilizing these resources – lessening the ship’s environmental impact while maximizing its time at sea. An advanced touchscreen control system maximizes the adaptability of the unit, allowing the eleven onboard scientists to modify and create up to fifty sterilization cycles. Dubbed the most advanced research vessel in the Middle East, the ship and its crew defend biodiversity in the Persian Gulf, sustaining its coastal economies.

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