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Thirteen year old Astell autoclaves replaced like-for-like in SASA upgrade
Two new 490 litre Double Door SQUARE range units Validated and installed in Scotland. SASA is a Scottish government organisation providing scientific services for the agriculture sector in Scotland. For the last 13 years SASA has operated two Astell AVD490G pass-through autoclaves to decontaminate laboratory and plant material waste (discard) which is generated from their busy laboratories in Edinburgh. When these recently came to the end of their useful life there was no hesitation in appointing Astell to supply the replacement units. After consultation with the customer, we specified two of our latest 490 litre Double Door SQUARE range autoclaves which feature our advanced colour touchscreen controller. Due to the nature of SASA’s load types, mostly made up of plant soil, a combination of a heated jacket and advanced vacuum is used to ensure adequate steam penetration throughout the load. Each unit features an integral steam generator for high performance steam on demand. A loading trolley system was also specified for both units to aid user handling when filling and emptying the sterilisation chamber. One of our team of Service Engineers remained on-site for several days to decommission and remove the two old autoclaves and install the new ones. The final important task prior to handover was load validation. Both the double door sterilizers were validated to ISO 17025:2005 standards by our factory trained Service Engineer. This requires the monitoring and recording of temperature probes placed within the customer’s specific load, and the setup of a dedicated program for those loads to ensure complete and repeatable sterilisation.

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