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FLL Series LED Enclosure Lights
Usually when we discuss enclosures we highlight the importance of effective heat dissipation and thermal management to prevent the premature failure of equipment housed within the cabinet. This usually means using a fan filter unit or associated thermostats or anti condensation heaters respectively, but Axair Fans are excited to launch a brand new set of accessories to our portfolio – our LED Enclosure Lights. All enclosures or electrical cabinets require regular maintenance and it’s common for these units to be tucked away in a convenient place to prevent obstruction, so they can often be in dark or poorly lit areas. The FLL series of enclosure lights from our long standing supplier partner Fandis is designed especially for those times when maintenance is required. Good lighting is essential in order to ensure optimal inspection and control conditions. The energy saving range is designed to maximise performance, brightness and provide cost savings. It’s 40 built-in LEDs display daylight colour to colour temperature 7100k bright delivering a pleasant light. Its essential design makes the new lamp ideal for applications in small environments, which require a greater constriction of space as mentioned above, but always with the guarantee of a safe operation while the convenient orientation system, embedded in the lamp body, also allows the user to rotate the beam in different positions for directional lighting, with a maximum of 40° per side, depending on the situation of use. The FLL lamp, with a dual supply voltage of 115/230V AC (also available in single 115 or 230V supply), meets all installation needs, having a standard fixing screws or, alternatively, a magnetic fixing system for an easier positioning on metallic surfaces. To simplify and expand the possibilities of connection, the lamp uses a graft with cage clamp terminal on both sides that allows a quick wiring without the use of tools, and can be used alongside 9 other units to daisy chain for larger installation. In addition the 356mm cable is adequate enough to provide efficient positioning within the enclosure. Alongside a switch on/off mechanism the new FLL Series of LED Enclosure lights now also activate by PIR sensor that detects the movement with a radius of 120 degrees, turn off automatically after 60′ if not reactivated.

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