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Barcode Scanners in 2018
As the years go by, the technology used in barcode scanners becomes more and more advanced. These developments allow ease of use for many businesses as well as a wider variety of choice when it comes barcode scanners. From wireless devices to hardwearing design, there are exciting things happening in the world of Auto Identification technology in 2018 and here are just a few that have got us excited already. Connectivity All scanners need to establish a connection with a computer as this is what allows the transfer of information from the device to software. Although already seen as outdated, in 2018, corded models will become history. Wireless scanners such as Intermec by Honeywell’s SG20 or Datalogic’s Gryphon range are the future and will provide a greater alternative to a corded unit. Ruggedness Whichever environment your barcode scanner is used in, it must be rugged enough to withstand constant use, mistreatments and wear & tear. The temperature of your working conditions can also have a huge impact on the device that you choose. In 2018, it is predicted that more models will opt for a more rugged model like the Zebra Black DS3608. Barcode scanners will become more resilient and hardwearing in order to ensure the longevity of life and to allow for increased usage. Scan Speed When it comes to scanning, some barcode scanners have a much better scan speed than others. If this is something that matters to your work then it is definitely something that you should consider for 2018. Advances in technology mean that scan speed is improving on a daily basis and so this year, we expect great things from brands like Zebra and Honeywell. At Barcode Solutions, we are experts in barcode scanners, label printers and handheld computers amongst many other auto ID solutions. With second to none customer service, we will be able to find the best solution for your business. Call us on 01482 650596 to talk to one of our expert advisors or view our extensive product range now.

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