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Happy 20th Birthday Biopharma Technology!
Biopharma Technology (Biopharma Group’s R&D consultancy & analytical lab services division) is officially 20 years old and everyone here at Biopharma Group is wondering where the time has gone. Starting in 1997 as an extension to the services of Biopharma Process Systems, the objective was to provide scientific support to our freeze-drying customers and share our expert knowledge. 20 years on and we have grown our number of R&D consultancy and lab services to include training courses along with developing our own analytical instruments specifically catered towards those utilizing freeze drying technology. Biopharma Group’s Chairman, Andrew Cowen, says: “BTL has flourished and grown independently since its conception to ensure that customers were able to get the best out of their new freeze dryer. 20 years later it now provides process development services and training around the globe as well as being the world’s leading provider of freeze-drying analytic instruments.” Over the last 20 years, we have reached many milestones, from introducing our cytotoxic suite, developing the most advanced analytical instruments for freeze-drying plus training courses dedicated to the latest techniques/ technologies to working successfully in collaboration with the Marie Curie SNAL ITN project to prove the viability of freeze-drying red blood cells; we have increased not only what we can offer in terms of services, but we have stayed at the forefront of the industry due to the level of expertise we have in-house. Furthermore, this knowledge has been shared across the world through our resident expert, Dr. Kevin Ward, who has led the charge and is a regular on the speaker’s circuit as well as our training courses leader. Biopharma’s training courses got underway in 2000 and are now scheduled regularly across the US and Europe, however, things don’t end there, in response to demand, we also offer customised and webinar courses designed and tailored specifically for individual needs; Dr. Ward is also regularly asked by SP Scientific to carry out webinars for them too. As for our instruments, the Lyostat Freeze Drying Microscope and the Lyotherm Frozen State Analyser have been introduced and developed throughout the 20 years, as seen below.

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